Thursday, January 29, 2009


I just realized I haven't blogged in 10 days! OOPS! That's probably a bad sign, but such is life ;)

I kind of lost track of what I've been spending. I was keeping grocery receipts, but those went out the window. I'm sure they're lying around here somewhere, but I have no idea where. My house is a wreck. Life has been insane and things around home are just not getting taken care of :(

I've been doing good about cooking dinner, so that is awesome! We've definitely been eating out, but most of that has been on someone elses tab :) We went out to dinner this weekend with our friends and it wasn't what I was hoping for. It was our last dinner out for the month because we'd be close to our $100 budget after the tab. kiddo was coming down with something and she was U.P.S.E.T! I had to stand for almost the entire meal. She just did not want to sit down. Nothing I did worked, but standing. At least she was mostly quiet :)

I sort of lost track of how much I've spent on lunches out. Aaron thinks it's over $40 and I think I came in just under budget. Either way it doesn't matter...the month is over! Thank God! Well I've got tomorrow and Saturday, but I'm not worried about those. Tomorrow is my birthday and my Dad is taking me out to lunch and Aaron's Mom is taking us out to dinner. Saturday we're going out with my family. Then the month is over and I'm in the clear...haha!

Next month I'm going to do better about holding on to receipts for at least my lunches out, so I can make sure I'm staying within our budget for that. All grocery trips go on our credit card that we pay off every month, so I'm not so worried about holding on to those.


  1. I wondered if you fell off the wagon. haha! Sorry your dinner wasn't a good one. I think the toddler-in-a-public-restaurant scene has made it easier for me to not want to go out to eat. It just ain't fun anymore.

  2. Nope...still on ;) Just overwhelmed with life I guess. I did call Aaron last night and say "Is there money in the budget for Starbucks because I plan on going there right now!" haha!!!

  3. Happy Birthday!

    Hope You Have A Great Day!