Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I spent too much yesterday!

Yesterday we braved the bitter cold and went to the zoo! I had no idea it was going to be so cold or I would have stayed home! I've learned to now check the forecast myself...haha!
We spent $3 for the train ride. In the long run I'm not sure it was worth taking the train. Part of me would rather spend $5 for parking and have my car there. I'm still trying to think through this and decide... haha! We packed our lunch and ate outside of the zoo. It was actually really nice...we'll do this again (hopefully it will be much much warmer next time!!).

After we got back to the park and ride I had to stop at Fiesta and buy meat for the dogs. I didn't need to buy much, thankfully, because the few pounds I did have to buy cost me $25. Remind me why my dogs are on a better diet then me??? haha! Oh...and if I buy a diet coke and cheetos while at the store does it count towards groceries or my "eating out" money ;)

Later that night I went to Mooyah with the girls for dinner out. I probably should have passed on this. It wasn't worth me spending the money! I'm so surprised to say that, but it's really how I feel. I used to really enjoy going out to eat and now I feel like I better make it worth it when I go out because I can't do it often.

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