Sunday, January 4, 2009

I've got this all figured out...

All I need to do for the next 361 days is hang out with my parents! LOL! This weekend has been super easy because we've been with them since Friday. They don't ever let me pay when they're around, so it saves me lots of money! One day when my Mom finally decides to retire this won't be the case, but for now it is.

We have been helping my Sister pack all weekend, so I haven't had time to do anything else. That definitely helps me save money ;) I feel like I've already busted through our eating out limit, but I haven't paid for a single meal. I guess that means it doesn't count...haha! Tomorrow it's back to reality, so we'll see how that goes.

I got a nail in my tire, so I'm hoping that doesn't set me back too much. Hopefully it can be patched!! If not, I'm down a few hundred. Replacing tires on the Expedition isn't cheap :( Then it's off to pick up CA at the airport. We've been talking about eating on the way home, but I might just make something yummy for us to eat here. Either way it's spending money though! That's the part I just don't get. Eating at home sometimes seems just as expensive as eating out.

OK! I guess I need to go... I started to read this post and it sounds like a whole lot of rambling!!


  1. If you have to replace the tire check out they usually have good deals and are highly ranked. I hope it just needs a patch.

  2. You should go to Discount Tire. If your tire goes before its worn out, its replaced free. All you pay is $14 to replace the warranty certificate. :)

  3. Thank you Mom & Dad! hehe!

    I second "Discount Tires".That's where we go.

  4. Another Discount Tire girl here! I think different tires cost different amounts (like i know mine are more than $14 - phooey!), but it's still cheap.
    Eating at home shouldn't cost you more... What on earth are you eating girl? ;)

  5. Well we didn't go to Discount Tires. But...I do have a nice new shiny tire. Wait! The old one was nice and new :( It really irks me to put a new tire on a new car. Shouldn't it take a few years before you screw up and run over a honkin big ass nail?!?! Good thing is Dad was with me today when the guy told me the damage :) Thanks Dad for the new tire!!!

    Helen...I have no freakin idea!!! But when I go to the store it always cost me over $100 and it's just the 2 of us eating. A week later there's nothing to eat, so I'm either back at the store or we're eating out. It drives me bonkers. I'm sure I just need to start shopping smarter!