Thursday, January 8, 2009

One more day behind me...

Day 8 has come and gone. would really "go" if I would get off this computer and go to sleep! haha!

I stayed home today other then a trip to the grocery store, so I couldn't get in to too much trouble :) I did spend $108 at the store though. UGH! And...I didn't get everything I needed, so I need to go back out tomorrow or Saturday. Oh...and did I mention it was so dang packed that it took me forever?!?! My kiddo went in to meltdown mode because it was nap time :(


  1. Never go to the store at nap time, what were you thinking? ;)

  2. That's the problem! I wasn't thinking! haha!! Basically...I had avoided grocery shopping for long enough and if I didn't go right then it would have been another day without going. If I did that then we would have eaten out that night (which is what I normally would have done!), so off to the store we went!

  3. *Hugs* Now, get what cha need and come right back home lady! hehe!