Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another day behind me...

I'm glad the weekend is over. Usually that is where we spend the bulk of our money. It definitely helped that Aaron has been sick and hasn't left the house all weekend!

I ate out twice yesterday, but didn't pay for either. And today Lisa came over, so the girls could play. No eating out again! Whoo hoo!!

I did have yummy enchiladas though! I made them on Friday for dinner, Aaron had some yesterday while I was gone, and we both had some today. There's one more left for Aaron's lunch tomorrow. I'd say that worked out pretty good! 6 meals for probably $18. I'm not good at keeping track of how much stuff cost, but I think that's a pretty close estimate.

Tomorrow I might be spending some money though. Lisa and I are talking about heading over to the Converse store to look at shoes for the girls 1 yr pictures with Chera! We'll see how that goes.


  1. Doesn't Target sell Converse now? Maybe they are cheaper...

  2. You're doing great! Hope you find a good deal on the shoes!