Friday, January 9, 2009

Now that I think about it...

I actually did better then I thought yesterday. It wasn't that the store didn't have what I need. What they had was not on sale and I just couldn't see spending that kind of money. We needed coke and diet coke. They weren't on sale and it was 5 something for a 12 pack. That's insane to me when you can get them for 3 or 4 12 packs for $11 or $12. I do not need Diet Coke that bad! Now...Aaron would disagree with me, but for now he'll just have to do. The other thing I wanted was a roast for the crockpot, but the cheapest one was $12 and it was small. I figured I would just cook something else this week until I could find some on sale :)

So...I guess I'm doing better then I thought. Normally I would have just bought that stuff and called it a day.


  1. Well, look at you! You didn't even realize you're thinking about it so much. That's awesome!

  2. Great job! This is really making me look at spending money differently, as well.

  3. Looking good girl!
    Here's a tip, not sure if you noticed the cokes at Sam's but that's where I get them for Jeff. They're about 8.00 for 36 cans I believe. Not sure if you checked them out when you were there last, but just thought I'd mention it! :)