Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I went to the mall today...

Me, Carole Anne, and the kiddos met up with Desiree at Willow Bend for lunch and play time. I figured that alone would blow this whole "Year Without", but it didn't! I swear I almost did a back flip when I walked out of there and I didn't have anything other then what I walked in with!

Carole Anne was pretty impressed with me for resisting one of my favorite stores for Mac...Pumpkin Patch. I sat there lusting over it while the kids played. HAHA! It didn't help that they were having a big sale :(

I did it though. Me. Chrystyna. Professional shopper. I did it!


  1. I discovered Pumpkin Patch over Christmas! They have cute stuff! Waaaaaay bad for the wallet. I am glad I don't live near one and don't tell me how to find them online either. Good for you for resisting!

  2. Good job!!! Thats a tough place to get out of without spending money!