Friday, February 20, 2009

Another day of spending...

I went to Freebirds today with Evette. A friend of hers bought $100 worth of Mac's clothes! WHOO HOO (I need the little dancing banana on here...hee hee)!! So....I met her in Addison for lunch and gave her the clothes. It was nice to get rid of them. It was even nicer to remove them from the mound of clothes I have to iron, tag, and hang for Divine Consign. That saved me some time :)

So, I spent money on lunch ($8ish dollars). Then I went and picked up Mac's b-day invites. I was very sad when I opened them and realized I made the wrong decision on which one to use. The 2nd option printed much cuter! I brought them home, showed them to Aaron, and he agreed. We decided to spend the money and have the 2nd one printed to use for her invites. Thankfully they had a problem printing them and gave me a nice discount on the 2nd round. Then I went to Michaels for cute pink envelopes. It's amazing how much they charge for envelopes just because they're a different color (sigh)!

Then tonight we went out to dinner for A's b-day! Thankfully that was his Mom's treat. It was yummy and Mac got to see her boyfriend ;)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I need to get better...

I'm sooo bad with blogging lately. Really bad! And by the time I remember to blog I can't remember what I've spent money on :( I don't THINK I've spent money on anything lately, but I'm really not sure...haha! I bought lunch for me and Valerie yesterday, but my Mom paid for that with my Mommy Allowance ;)

Tomorrow is Aaron's birthday and I haven't bought him a single thing. We're not supposed to be spending money on stuff that's not needed. Well...we don't need a thing. Neither one of us. He bought me a sterling silver necklace a few weeks ago for my b-day with Mac's name on it. This is the first time in 8 yrs since we've been together that I don't have my own money. So if I buy him something he's buying himself something. I'd rather him just go buy himself a treat that he wouldn't have bought otherwise. Who knows... I feel like crap for not worrying about it sooner. There are just bigger fish to fry right now. We found out yesterday his company was doing a paycut across the company. Sucks to be us. Maybe I'll be going back to work sooner than I thought :(

Monday, February 16, 2009

I think we've got the hang of this...

We went out to eat at Chipotle yesterday for the first time this month. Well...we've been out to eat, but this was the 1st time on our dime. I had to buy some fabric at JoAnn's this weekend for Mac's party favors and I also bought her a wrapped canvas to paint when she turns 1 (we'll see how that goes!). So...I think I spent about $15 there. Not bad. We also had to buy a b-day present yesterday for Aaron's Goddaughter, but we spent far less than we normally would have. I was very proud of us!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

I got a nice surprise today...

I haven't been grocery shopping in a while and we were running out of things to eat here. I needed to go to the store, but it is my absolute least favorite thing to do. I will try and avoid it at all cost which is why in the past we ate out so much (well that and not wanting to do dishes...haha!).

So my Dad said he was coming by to drop off some Coke and Diet Coke he bought for us. I told him I had to go to the store and he said he'd go with me.

We unloaded the cart and when I went to swipe my card he said "I already took care of that?" HUH? I wanted to do a back flip! What a nice surprise!

Thanks Dad ;)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dinner was a bust...

I planned to make dinner tonight as usual, but when I got the chicken (pollo asada) out of the fridge I remembered I bought it when I went to Sprouts a week ago. I bought it from the deli counter, so it's not like it was even sealed well. I couldn't tell if it was good or bad because it was seasoned and the seasoning is strong. I called my Mom to see if she had any ideas on how to tell if it was bad/good and she said I'd be able to smell it if it was bad. Hmmm...I was back to square one! haha!

I decided to make it anyways and see how it went. I baked the chicken, cooked the rice and when everything was done I gave it a taste. It didn't taste good! Aaron said I had myself so worked up about it being bad that I probably made it taste bad in my head...LOL! Who knows...I just knew I didn't want to eat it and get sick.

I got out of my pajamas and ran to Sonic. They're system was down, there were a ton of people in line, you had to pay with cash, and they were moving at a snails speed! I left and went to Wendy's. Somewhere I went from yummy chicken to a greasy hamburger. My butt and my wallet so didn't need that :(

I wish I were rich!

I wish I were rich! I really do. I don't like to think about money. Worrying about it, spending it, saving it....none of it! I would just like to go about my days and not think about it at all :)

Mac's birthday shirt is finished (thanks again Nicole!) and it didn't cost me too much to do. I'd have to get out the receipts, but lets say about $12. Half the cost of the original one I bought! I didn't fix her skirt, so that won't be in her pictures on Sunday. Heck...I don't even know what to do to fix her skirt. Part says leave it, part says do something to fix it. I'm just going to find something else for her to wear for her 2nd outfit, so I don't have to spend the time or money worrying about it. See...I'm such a good little saver! Ha!

I bought some clothes today at Old Navy, but I didn't use my money. Whoo hoo! I need to try the pants on and make sure I like how they fit. They're those really cool, thin, wide leg knit pants. I LOVE THEM! I bought a pair somewhere else last year and then couldn't find anymore. They look adorable with a baby T and flip flops :) I used a coupon I got in the mail today, so they ended up only being like $13 each. Well...I think one was $13 and one was $15 because I had a 30% and 40% coupon (thank you Ms. Cashier Chica who let me use both!).

Hopefully tomorrow will be an inexpensive day. I think we're staying home. I might get Aaron to come to Ikea with me to check out some storage solutions for the kiddo's play area. She's learned how to pull out the toy buckets and she's making an absolute mess out of her room. It's making my head spin! I've sold a bunch of her stuff lately though, so if I buy anything I'll just use "her" money.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This is really going to be hard for me...

I'm not good when I'm stressed, rushing, under pressure, etc.

I was running late today to meet Lisa and Evette and once I got to the mall I realized I left my lunch on the counter. Oops! So...I had to buy lunch. Grrr!

Then tonight I got in a "fight" with the lady who made Mac's 1 year birthday outfit. She can't find a black shirt that fits Mackenzie, she wants to use something totally different, blah, blah. That's not going to work. So...I'm having a new one made. Guess what that means? Buy all new supplies to make a whole new shirt! Am I happy about it? No! Do I have an option? You might say yes, but I say NO! haha! It's her 1st birthday! This shirt is to be used for her 1st b-day pictures and she's supposed to wear it for her party. I want it to be just right. So I went searching for a new shirt and fabric tonight. It won't be perfect because I can't find the exact fabric, but I hope we can pull something off.

I'm in such a bad mood right now it's not even funny!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Today sucked!

I had to have a tooth pulled today. I've had a sore in my mouth for over a year - probably closer to 2 years. They've tried everything on this tooth to see if they could fix what was going on. They started to worry it could be Cancer, so they ran a test last week and that was negative.
The next option was removing the tooth and seeing if that would allow the infection to heal.

Unfortunately...$580 later I have 1 less tooth in my mouth. I really could have done without paying that bill today :(

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Today was a great day! I didn't spend a dime and I actually made over $200!

I sold Mac's Bumbo, Jumper, and Travel System! Whoo hoo!!

Now I just need to sell everything else :)

BTW...I'm glad January is over!! And...I'm very proud of us for coming in under budget for eating out. I really didn't think it would be possible. Well I guess in all fairness it wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for my parents...haha!