Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dinner was a bust...

I planned to make dinner tonight as usual, but when I got the chicken (pollo asada) out of the fridge I remembered I bought it when I went to Sprouts a week ago. I bought it from the deli counter, so it's not like it was even sealed well. I couldn't tell if it was good or bad because it was seasoned and the seasoning is strong. I called my Mom to see if she had any ideas on how to tell if it was bad/good and she said I'd be able to smell it if it was bad. Hmmm...I was back to square one! haha!

I decided to make it anyways and see how it went. I baked the chicken, cooked the rice and when everything was done I gave it a taste. It didn't taste good! Aaron said I had myself so worked up about it being bad that I probably made it taste bad in my head...LOL! Who knows...I just knew I didn't want to eat it and get sick.

I got out of my pajamas and ran to Sonic. They're system was down, there were a ton of people in line, you had to pay with cash, and they were moving at a snails speed! I left and went to Wendy's. Somewhere I went from yummy chicken to a greasy hamburger. My butt and my wallet so didn't need that :(

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  1. I bet the Aaron was right (sorry). It should've been good, especially if you cooked it well. But, a splurge on a burger is good. :)