Friday, February 20, 2009

Another day of spending...

I went to Freebirds today with Evette. A friend of hers bought $100 worth of Mac's clothes! WHOO HOO (I need the little dancing banana on here...hee hee)!! So....I met her in Addison for lunch and gave her the clothes. It was nice to get rid of them. It was even nicer to remove them from the mound of clothes I have to iron, tag, and hang for Divine Consign. That saved me some time :)

So, I spent money on lunch ($8ish dollars). Then I went and picked up Mac's b-day invites. I was very sad when I opened them and realized I made the wrong decision on which one to use. The 2nd option printed much cuter! I brought them home, showed them to Aaron, and he agreed. We decided to spend the money and have the 2nd one printed to use for her invites. Thankfully they had a problem printing them and gave me a nice discount on the 2nd round. Then I went to Michaels for cute pink envelopes. It's amazing how much they charge for envelopes just because they're a different color (sigh)!

Then tonight we went out to dinner for A's b-day! Thankfully that was his Mom's treat. It was yummy and Mac got to see her boyfriend ;)

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  1. Freebirds... That sounds yummy! I really need to hang out with you more, you get so much free stuff!