Thursday, February 19, 2009

I need to get better...

I'm sooo bad with blogging lately. Really bad! And by the time I remember to blog I can't remember what I've spent money on :( I don't THINK I've spent money on anything lately, but I'm really not sure...haha! I bought lunch for me and Valerie yesterday, but my Mom paid for that with my Mommy Allowance ;)

Tomorrow is Aaron's birthday and I haven't bought him a single thing. We're not supposed to be spending money on stuff that's not needed. Well...we don't need a thing. Neither one of us. He bought me a sterling silver necklace a few weeks ago for my b-day with Mac's name on it. This is the first time in 8 yrs since we've been together that I don't have my own money. So if I buy him something he's buying himself something. I'd rather him just go buy himself a treat that he wouldn't have bought otherwise. Who knows... I feel like crap for not worrying about it sooner. There are just bigger fish to fry right now. We found out yesterday his company was doing a paycut across the company. Sucks to be us. Maybe I'll be going back to work sooner than I thought :(

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