Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

It's been a great day! My Dad came and picked me and the kiddo up to take us to lunch and go shopping. We stopped by the AT&T store on the way to lunch and I got a new phone (which was super cool). Thanks Dad!

Then we headed over to the outlet mall to get Mac a pair of Converse for her 1 yr photos next weekend. I got a cool new sweatshirt while we were there and I put it on immediately (a rarity for me since I wash everything I wear before it touches my body!).

We came home, Mac took a nap, and then we headed out to dinner at Master Grill. It was yummy and we all ate way too much!!

It was a fun day for me and it was a fun day for my budget (since I didn't have to spend a penny)!