Saturday, February 7, 2009

I wish I were rich!

I wish I were rich! I really do. I don't like to think about money. Worrying about it, spending it, saving it....none of it! I would just like to go about my days and not think about it at all :)

Mac's birthday shirt is finished (thanks again Nicole!) and it didn't cost me too much to do. I'd have to get out the receipts, but lets say about $12. Half the cost of the original one I bought! I didn't fix her skirt, so that won't be in her pictures on Sunday. Heck...I don't even know what to do to fix her skirt. Part says leave it, part says do something to fix it. I'm just going to find something else for her to wear for her 2nd outfit, so I don't have to spend the time or money worrying about it. See...I'm such a good little saver! Ha!

I bought some clothes today at Old Navy, but I didn't use my money. Whoo hoo! I need to try the pants on and make sure I like how they fit. They're those really cool, thin, wide leg knit pants. I LOVE THEM! I bought a pair somewhere else last year and then couldn't find anymore. They look adorable with a baby T and flip flops :) I used a coupon I got in the mail today, so they ended up only being like $13 each. Well...I think one was $13 and one was $15 because I had a 30% and 40% coupon (thank you Ms. Cashier Chica who let me use both!).

Hopefully tomorrow will be an inexpensive day. I think we're staying home. I might get Aaron to come to Ikea with me to check out some storage solutions for the kiddo's play area. She's learned how to pull out the toy buckets and she's making an absolute mess out of her room. It's making my head spin! I've sold a bunch of her stuff lately though, so if I buy anything I'll just use "her" money.

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  1. Just let her be messy. lol Soon enough you can teach her how to put all those toys back in the buckets. Maybe. ;)