Monday, February 16, 2009

I think we've got the hang of this...

We went out to eat at Chipotle yesterday for the first time this month. Well...we've been out to eat, but this was the 1st time on our dime. I had to buy some fabric at JoAnn's this weekend for Mac's party favors and I also bought her a wrapped canvas to paint when she turns 1 (we'll see how that goes!). So...I think I spent about $15 there. Not bad. We also had to buy a b-day present yesterday for Aaron's Goddaughter, but we spent far less than we normally would have. I was very proud of us!!


  1. Chipotle! I loooove Chipotle! Not as good as Free Birds, but close enough.

  2. hmmm, is it Free Birds or Freebirds? Idk...

  3. We love Chipotle too...what is Freebirds?? We've never heard of it!!